Team sponsorship through PatientsLikeMeInMotion

PatientsLikeMeInMotion sponsors members in their activities to raise funds and awareness with their local nonprofits. Teams receive t-shirts and a donation to represent the PatientsLikeMe community at their event.

Here's how you can get support for the great activities you're already participating in — walks, runs, bowl-a-thons...the possibilities are endless!

1. If you're not already a member, join the PatientsLikeMe community (it's free!)

2. Update your profile to earn 3 stars. Based on your condition, you'll be prompted to enter information such as treatments and symptoms.

3. Once your profile is up-to-date, submit your team details (with 3-4 weeks notice, please!)

You'll be prompted to share information about your event, nonprofit, and team size. We’ll confirm receipt of your request and finalize any details.

4. Have fun at your event — and let us know how it goes!

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