What does it mean to have a Doctor or Researcher account at PatientsLikeMe?

Many clinicians and researchers are interested in understanding the patient experience on PLM. In order to maintain the integrity of the site, clinicians and researchers must place a request, then we check researcher credentials (affiliation, research record, publications) and then respond with approval or rejection.

We recommend that researchers and clinicians follow this route, and NOT register as a “patient” to avoid adding false data. Once approved, a researcher or clinician can navigate the site and view more patient data than simply visiting the site without logging in. This approval does not confer any access to patients' data or allow a researcher or clinician to post recruitment messages for studies. Please note that under our terms of service, researchers and clinicians are not permitted to capture or utilize data from within the site nor to solicit members through our forums or private message to take part in a study.

To learn more about what you can do as with a Doctor or Researcher account, please see more details here

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