How do I enable JavaScript in my browser?

The PatientsLikeMe website uses an extensive amount of JavaScript to enhance your user experience. JavaScript allows us to provide faster responses to your actions by retrieving data instantly without always needing to reload the page.

Read below to see how to enable JavaScript on your specific browser:

Internet Explorer

  1. In the toolbar, go to Tools > Internet Options
  2. Select the Security tab
  3. Click the Custom Level button
  4. Scroll down to the "Scripting" section
  5. In the "Active Scripting" section, check the Enable option, then click the OK button
  6. Click the Yes button on the dialog asking "Are you sure you want to change the settings for this zone?"
  7. Click the OK button
  8. Refresh your browser


  1. In the toolbar, go to Preferences
  2. Select the Content button
  3. Check the Enable JavaScript checkbox
  4. Click the OK button
  5. Refresh your browser


  1. In the toolbar, go to the Safari menu > Preferences
  2. Select the Security button
  3. Under "Web Content" check the option for Enable JavaScript
  4. Click the X button to close the window
  5. Refresh your browser


  1. In Windows, click the wrench icon > Options. On a Mac, in the toolbar, go to the Chrome menu > Preferences
  2. Select the Under the Hood tab
  3. Click the "Content Settings" button
  4. Select JavaScript in the left menu
  5. Check the option for "Allow all sites to run JavaScript"
  6. Close the window
  7. Refresh your browser


  1. In the toolbar, go to Tools > Preferences
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. In the left pane, select Content
  4. Check the option for Enable JavaScript
  5. Click the OK button
  6. Refresh your browser
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