What is the Forum Code of Conduct?

Our Forum has a Code of Conduct which states that ideal PatientsLikeMe members:

  • Ask questions to help learn about their condition
  • Welcome newcomers to the community
  • Keep your health profile up-to-date, such as disease progress, symptoms, and treatments
  • Share their opinion with others in a considerate way
  • Respect confidential information and don't transmit other members' information outside the PatientsLikeMe community
  • Enjoy healthy debate on the forum but stick to the argument rather than making comments directed at an individual user
  • Check in on other members, make sure they're OK and help them to keep their profiles accurate and up-to-date
  • Share personal experiences without trying to provide medical advice
  • Give feedback to the PatientsLikeMe Team about potential improvements, questions, or comments about the site
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