How do I add, edit, or delete a treatment?

You can add a treatment by clicking on My Treatments in the menu bar on the left hand side of your My Profile page. You'll see a green "Add new treatments" button. This takes you to a search page where you can search for your treatment or browse for existing ones. If your treatment does not appear in our drop down search results, you can click the prompt below "Submit a request".

It is easy to edit or delete treatments from My treatments. To update, change or delete information that you've entered about a treatment, look for the buttons to the right of that treatment name. You can also click on the treatment name. That will take you to a treatment history page where you'll see that same menu of options.

If you do decide to delete a treatment, please be aware that everything associated with it, including side effects and any treatment history data you’ve shared will also be deleted.



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